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Products & Services

Junk's primary focus is collection service in the Cayman Islands, recycling dry goods waste generated by its customers to significantly reduce the waste stream entering the George Town Landfill. With our network of waste management partners and associated service providers, we can adapt to meet the distinct needs of our customer base.

From as little as CI$50.00 per month for weekly collections, we "tailor make" recycling solutions for you. For residential homes and business offices we have labeled 6 gallon and 16 gallon "stackable" recycle bins that are primarily used indoors.

For customers generating larger volumes of recyclables, starting from CI$150.00 per month for weekly collections, we have a variety of l arger sized outdoor 32- and 96-gallon plastic cart bins for the main types of recyclables we collect. We also provide 2 cubic yard plastic carts and 4 cubic yard steel FEL dumpster type bins which are primarily used for corrugated cardboard. Each contract is individually customized to suit the customers' needs. Contracts are for one year and are renewed automatically every year.

We mean "Recycling made Easy" understanding that our value proposition is:- We provide the bins, collect your recyclables, and transport them to the Junk recycling compound where they are re - checked; any items that cannot be recycled, or that are contaminated, are removed. Clean and separated recycling is given to our partners at the DEH George Town landfill Recycle center where they are crushed, baled, and placed into containers and shipped to waste management partners overseas, thereby diverting them from the landfill.

We are currently servicing over 300 customer points in residential (homes and strata), construction, retail, commercial, small business, offices, hospitality, hotels, health, and the public sector. We also do single event recycling, marathons, air shows, car shows,Cayman Turtle Center easter egg festivals and sporting events like the international beach volleyball event.

We also have a removal service where goods that can be recycled, are, and the balance will be properly disposed of at the landfill. The charge is determined by the load, where it is and how accessible it is. Please send us a photo of what is to be removed and we will happily give you a quote.

Our Products

Our products are only available in the Cayman Islands.